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Loving the brocade flare pants on solange..I think the material will look even more beautiful on a dress...woooowww!!!

Fashion Bloggers with the "Glow"

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Clive Davis Pre Grammy Party..

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Trends to Look forward to: Graphic Prints

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Zimmermann Spring 2014 Ready to wear collection

Ralph Lauren Spring 2014 Ready to Wear Collection

Diane von Furstenberg Spring 2014 Ready to wear

Edun Spring 2014 Ready to wear

Proenza Schouler Spring Ready to Wear 2014



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An Indian man has bought one of the world's most expensive shirts, made with more than 3kg of gold and worth $250,000. His is an extreme case of an Indian obsession with the precious metal.Apparently his wife has the liking of the metal too owning around 500kgs of gold!!

This man has an obsession with gold.He usually buys a gold object everytime his company makes a profit.!The good thing is that he knows its value because once he goes broke he will be able to sell the shirt and get money,next on his list is a golden mobile phone and golden shoes....wowzersss!!!

"The challenge was to make this as comfortable as wearing a normal shirt," says Tejpal Rankar, of Rankar Jewellers, a 133-year-old business in Pune, a few hours' drive from Mumbai.

"Once we decided to make the shirt we researched designs and patterns. We didn't want it to be like wearing a sheet of gold."

To that end Rankar and his team of craftsmen decided to make a gold cloth based on an Italian weave, using a special machine.

They drew inspiration from old images of Indian kings wearing suits of armour. To prevent it scratching, they stitched a velvet lining inside.

To summarise..the shirt weighs 3.3 kgs,it took 15 days to make,16 men to make it and most important of all it costs $250,000 in TZS the shirt costs 412,500,000 shillings....!!!!!